Thursday, July 31, 2008

Imperial Guard Army List

I'm sure Drax will like this one. ;)


-HSO w/ Powerfist, Carapace Armour, Bolt Pistol.
-Commissar w/ Powerfist, Carapace Armour, Bolt Pistol, Honorifica Imperialis.
-4 Veterans including standard and medic w/ Bolt Pistols and CCWs.
194 Points.


8 Stormtroopers.
-vet Sarg w/ Power Weapon
-Melta Gun, Flamer.
111 points.


Infantry Platoon
-Command Squad, JO w/ PW/BP, Commisar w/ PW/BP, 2 x Flamers.
-Infantry Squad w/ Vet Sarg, Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter.
-Infantry Squad w/ Vet Sarg, Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter.
-Infantry Squad w/ Vet Sarg, Melta Gun, Missile Launcher.
349 points.

Infantry Platoon
-Command Squad, JO w/ PW/BP, Commisar w/ PW/BP, 2 x Flamers.
-Infantry Squad w/ Vet Sarg, Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter.
-Infantry Squad w/ Vet Sarg, Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter.
-Infantry Squad w/ Vet Sarg, Melta Gun, Missile Launcher.
349 points.

Fast Attack:

Sentinel w/ Multi-Laser.
45 Points.

Heavy Support:

Leman Russ w/ Dozer Blade, Extra Armour, Lascannon, Heavy Bolters.
178 Points.

Demolisher w/ Dozer Blade, Extra Armour, Lascannon.
175 Points.

Basilisk (As Standard)
100 points.

1501/1500 points. 74 Infantry. 1 Transport. 4 Armour Pieces.

ooops, one point over. Oh well!


Anonymous said...

One point over! I'd forgive that much... unless you won... Looks like a good list to me, but I've never got my guard on the table yet so take that compliment with a grain of salt.

Sam-B said...

hehe, if the opponent objected I'd drop something.

The first game i used this in, i seriously put some hurt on my friend's orks.

I lost the Russ, the basi and around 10 troopers... at the cost of his entire army. :D

Admiral Drax said...

Drax approves.

I wish I could invoke my wealth of playing experience here, but sadly I've officially now played against (NB: not "with") myself more times than I've played another player. What makes it worse is that (esp. since selling my small Black Templars force) my only opposing focre is...Guard.

My only queries with the list would be (a) you don't seem to have a lot of ranged anti-tank weapons [maybe not a problem against orks]; and (b) your infantry have to make the tough cal between manouvring and firing their heavy weapons: given the new focus on troops to contest objectives, this seems rather too risky, maybe.

But well done for the list: I have a tendency to tool up my Guard way too much, so I struggle to create a 1500pt list.

Soon I'll post some more of my - sadly theoretical - lists. I may also post work-in-progress shots of my Leman Russ Annihilator conversions: they're great anti-tank vehicles for the Guard.

Cheers for inviting me over: 16 minutes left: I'd better be off!

- Drax

Sam-B said...

I've not found the lack of anti-tank to be a problem with this list tbh. The Basilisk is pretty darned good for breaking armour into tiny bits anyway, and if I get LoS with either Russ, then the hurtage is really going to get piled on!

A change I made was to drop the sentinel and give the stormtroopers deep-strike to get some meltagun in rear armour action. Worked quite well considering a 110ish point unit can wreck almost any tank with a minimum of luck.

manoevering really isn't an issue anyway, seeing as this is more of a blast first, ask questions later type of army... killing the entire enemy army automatically wins!

With the loot counters mission, I just pile up all the stuff I get to place within easy distance so i don't need to go running around so much...and with the two objectives in deployment zone mission, the enemy is going to have their work cut out shifting this lot of my objective. that seems to give them a conundrum, because I'm not really much of a danger as far as capturing their objective goes, but they have to throw stuff at me to get at mine. So if they don't want to draw, they have to advance into the teeth of many, many guns.

Also, you don't get out to play games? Shame on you! ;)

I get two a week on average, which is pretty much 104 a year... hehe

Admiral Drax said...

I have to say, I admire your confidence...comes from practice, I guess - all my theories are just that - theories!

I love the deepstriking anti-tank fire-and-forget stormtroopers - I've fielded the same idea en masse (4 such small squads) with awesome results. Sadly, only against myself!

Cheers: reckon I could learn a lot from you yet!

- Drax

Sam-B said...

Well, I always found that being confident and bold really does help to win games. back when I was just starting I didn't think I'd win... and I didn't. Once I got a few under my belt I started playing with more confidence and since then (I think) I've been much harder to beat.

But yes, practise does help a lot.

Anonymous said...

I don't get to play much either, but I tend to go into games with enough of a sense of humor to counter the lack of confidence...

Also, I think I should play Drax; his theoretical Guard against my theoretical scouts and terminiators marine force. What fun... in theory.