Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Debut

Welcome to my blog!

A little background:

I'm Sam B, from Cardiff in the UK. I've started this blog to (hopefully) showcase some of the 40k/GW stuff I've been doing or will be doing.

I got into the hobby for the second time around 3 years ago thanks to the phenomenon only known as DoW, after a damn long hiatus since a short time playing during 2nd Edition.

Currently, I'm working on the Salamanders First - The Fire Drakes - and Second companies. I'm using Deathwing rules for the first and currently, also Codex: Dark Angels for the second. However, with Codex: Space Marines just around the corner - which allegedly features a lot of love for the Salamanders - I'll be changing to that just as soon as I get my filthy mits on it.

Other armies I've been working on, and will probably continue to do so in the future are; Saim Hann Eldar, Blackhearts Red Corsairs, Bad Moon Orks, the Vostroyan Firstborn 7th, Vampire Counts and whichever fantasy army nexts take my fancy, likely Wood Elves or Dark Elves.

Hopefully I'll have some actual content soon!



Admiral Drax said...

Welcome aboard, Matey!

I've been blogging my paindully slow Imperial Guard progress for two months now, and I have to say the community's been extremely welcoming and forthcoming. ALso, it's spurred me along (work permitting) to get far more units finished. Which is great!

Therefore, unless you've any objections, I'll pop a link to your blog up on mine (I noticed you'd commented on TheInnerGeek - he's quite likely to link to you too).

Do please pop over and have a look(my name above should be hyperlinked), and I also heartily recommend the Bell of Lost Souls (BoLS) blog - it's a very friendly site and seems something of a hub for burgeoning bloggers.

Always good to greet another Brit, too!

Cheers, and good luck,

- Drax

Admiral Drax said...

Uhh, yeah. Sorry to choke up your virginal comments boxes, mate, but I've just realised I saw your comment on From the Warp - not TheInnerGeek. Sorry!

- Drax