Monday, July 21, 2008

Mid Project break...

...time for something completely different methinks.

Anyway, for quite some time now I've been doing armies in pretty darned bright and neatly regimented colourschemes and style, i.e. Salamanders and Saim Hann. (They seem to all begin with S too...) So I thought it was time I tried something at the other end of the spectrum.

I'm thinking stinky, lowlife cityfighting scum of the galaxy guard with filthy tanks covered in oil in a drab "realistic" type military scheme. Which led me on to Andy Hoare's Mordant 22nd Heavy Planetary Assault Corps. (See White Dwarf 338). If I remember correctly, they were also in the Tactica: Imperialis book with a nice little sketch where they look scarred to hell/dirty/almost heretical. Not to mention that Heavy Planetary Assault Corps is just stupendously bada*sed as a company name. Their scheme seems to be a drab and grim looking Catachan Green based affair, with plenty of scuffing and wear.

All in all, exactly what I'm after here. I thought I might contrast the muted greens with some scuffed up and dirty looking dark greys (ala Charadon Granite). The metals would be dirty/oily/tarnished and whatnot.

Painting style would probably be a lot looser and less tidy than I usually do, with some drybrushing/heavy washing and the type.

Some inspiration would come from, the colonial marines from alien, pictured above and things of that kind of nature and style.

I'm thinking, a mix of Cadian and Catachan parts, to give the impression of a kind of hi-tech regiment, who also happen to be complete badasses who don't really give a rats posterior about rules and regulations, looking good or anything other than smashing the enemies of the emperor.

On the other hand, I could attempt an army I've never done before... ala Necrons. I always wanted to do a necron army, but that reputation of cheesy powergamer nonsense that surrounds them has always kind of put me off.

Gentlemen, your thoughts and imput would of course be greatly appreciated!



RonSaikowski said...

I vote for the Guardsman. THe modeling and conversion opportunities abound there.

You know, I've always wanted to make an army that looked the part you are talking about but I want to make my vehicles have graffiti on them. Don't know why, I just think it looks cool.

I'm adding your blog to my Community feed too.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for the Guard too. There are some cool looking Necron models, but not enough to compare to the sweetness that is the Guard.

By the way, I really like your Salamanders too!

Admiral Drax said...

Guard. Guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard-guard.

- It's a great idea for a really characterful army. But then, I may be a little biased...

Mind you, are you sure you want to embark on a 'horde'-style army? - You may have to sacrifice high-end paint jobs. But then again, are there any challenges in painting robo-skeletons? Surely once you've sprayed the Ncrons in Hammerite they're pretty much done...!

- Drax

Sam-B said...

Ron: I know what you mean about the graffiti... I was tempted to do that to my entire CoD terrain collection to make it look like alpha legion cultists had been squatting there. "Alpharius Lives!" and that kind of thing.

Geek: Thanks! Looks like the guard are running away with it, not sure whether to blame public Necron apathy or the fact that I just made the guard idea sound cooler!

Drax: I've done some horde armies before and never been entirely happy with the finish, but hopefully I can change that this time. Sacrificing the higher end paint jobs is part of the plan really, I want these guys to look scruffy and dirty.

As driller Kexie would say, "Ech! Proper bloody guardsmen!"

I wouldn't be likely to go for the standard Necron scheme. I was thinking more of a very dark ancient metal type affair, with multiple black washes and glazes... kind of like the way 'Eavy Metal go about painting the metal on Mordor trolls and that type of thing.

But then again, I do have a tin of hammerite around here somewhere! As well as a tiny and very ancient pot of gold paint that's actually made with gold leaf flakes!