Thursday, July 24, 2008

Current Armylist

Thought I'd throw this up, as new content is always good!

Using Codex: Dark Angels in order to get used to the combat squads, and other stuff, before the new SM Codex comes out.


*Company Master (w/ Power Sword, Bolt Pistol and Storm Bolter.)

*Librarian (w/ Terminator armour.)


*Dreadnaught (w/ Assault Cannon and Missile Launcher.)


*Tactical Squad (w/ +5 Marines, Plasma Gun, Power Fist, Plasma Cannon.)
-Rhino (w/ Extra Armour, Extra Storm Bolter.)

*Tactical Squad w/ (+5 Marines, Plasma Gun, Power Fist, Multi Melta.)
-Rhino (w/ Extra Armour, Extra Storm Bolter.)

*Combat Squad (w/ Melta Gun, Power Fist, Plasma Pistol.)

:Fast Attack:

*5 Assault Marines (w/ Powerfist)

:Heavy Support:

*Vindicator (w/ Extra Armour, Dozer Blade.)

*Whirlwind (as standard).

1500 points, 32 marines, 5 Vehicles.


Gibbtall said...

Not a SINGLE flamer or hammer in the bunch, tisk tisk.

Sam-B said...

The powerfists are actually hammers, but seeing as Codex:DA doesn't let you give tac squads T-hammers, I have to count as powerfists. ;)

Sam-B said...

Oh, and... the librarian has hellfire... a psy-flamer! :D

Gibbtall said...

lol, the Psy flamer sounds interesting, havnt gone through the librarian rules yet.

But just cause the DA codex sais you can't have them dosn't mean Salamanders can't :P I'm modeling a thunder hammer for my standerd bearer, and I heard of somone that gave one to a scout leader, heh.

Sam-B said...

Well, I do have to abide by the DA rules until codex sm comes out... at which point it'll end up thrown in a corner and forgotten about.

Hellfire is a pretty neat power. Basically a flamer where you randomly roll the AP and strength value. Potentially giving you an S10, AP1 flamer.

Gibbtall said...

Ah, sounds nice. But why would you need to go by the DA book, thats for DA armies, the point of it is because DAs deviate slightly from the Codex Astartes, Ultramarines are the closest thing to it though which is why Codex Space Marines is perfect for them. There are plenty armies that deviate pretty drasticaly from the Codex Astartes, which is why you don't need to go straight off of them. Try to find a copy or download for Insignium Astertes, it has a few pages on Salamanders with some nifty rules.

Sam-B said...

I'm using it purely because it contains the combat squads and marines armed with bolt pistols rules. I want to get used to these things so the new dex isn't such a shock to the system.

That and I have a fire drakes terminator army, for which I have to use the deathwing rules. That way, I can even make the termies troop choices in an ordinary army with the addition of a counts-as Belial.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice list. My only concern is the five assault marines. In my limited experience, assault marines are better when you max out the number of squad members. If you only start with five, you may be charging into battle with just one!

Sam-B said...

Ah, you would think so... but, I use them slightly differently.

They tend to lurk behind the rest of my army and then countercharge, or suicide charge a unit I want to hold up. With the new consolidation rules, you can jam a unit in CC for a turn, they then can't consolidate into you if they win in their next turn... leaving them at the mercy of my bolters and assault weapons.

I would agree with you in principle though, maxed out assault squads are better.