Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Current Army List (#2)

No posts for a while, so I thought I'd post up the list I used this week.

I tend to write a new one every week, to prevent boredom and keep things dynamic.


Vulkan He'stan

Master of the Forge w/ Conversion beamer.

4 Servitors: 2 x Meltas and 2x Servo Arms. (Meat shield for the Master basically!)


Tactical Squad: Sarg with Bolter/Chainsword - Missile Launcher/Flamer

Tactical Squad: Fist/Plasma Gun/Multi-Melta

Tactical Squad: Fist/Plasma Cannon/Plasma Gun

10 Scouts: 4 x Bolters/4x Sniper Rifles/ 1x Missile Launcher
-Scout Sargeant Tellion.


10 Sternguard: Heavy Flamer/2x Combi Weapons/Fist
-Drop Pod w/Deathwind Launcher

This one worked out to be very infantry heavy. It utterly wiped the floor with some Dark Angels, so it can't be all that bad!

For a 2k game against some flesh tearers next week (if Tom ever manages to remember his damn army!) I'll probably run the same list with some Assault Termies (Hammers galore obviously), a thundefire cannon (I used this last week, and it turned out to be the single most rude ranged weapon I'd ever tried out... pretty much wiping out units every turn) and possibly a redeemer. Salamanders need arson after all...



Gamers World said...

Like the list, I have added you to my blogroll at www.gamelisenceworld.blogspot.com.

Sam-B said...

Favour returned!